Equipment for Sale

Here is a list of used equipment for sale as of March 2020, pending retirement. Unless otherwise noted it is all in excellent shape. These are reasonable prices for great gear so please no whacko low-ball offers. The prices are pretty firm and all in Canadian dollars FOB Calgary. Prices and availability subject to change without notice but I will tried to keep up to date. Basic information on named brands are easily available online with a simple search.

Contact Chris for more information or to order. Shipping is extra and charged at cost.


1x Midas M32 Console  c/w case      $ 4000.00

Powered Speakers:

2x QSC K10 powered speaker    $ 600.00 ea

2x QSC D10 tote  bag   $ 60.00 ea

2x Mackie SRM 350 (original)   $ 175.00 ea


1pr Speaker stands - Regular height -  $ 35.00/pr

1pr Speaker stands - Tall aluminum c/w bag $ 75.00/pr


2x 200' Cat5e Ethercon digital snake  $ 100.00 ea (Great but unshielded so shouldn't be used for X32/M32 consoles and stageboxes)

1x 125' 28pt Digiflex recording grade split snake   $ 650.00

1x 100' 20pr Digiflex recording grade snake  $ 350.00


Equipment for Sale